Jewellery Care

jewellery care

How to care for your jewellery & keep it looking beautiful:

  • Keep your jewellery clean
  • Remove your jewellery before showering or entering water.
  • Avoid any chemically treated water such as spas.
  • Remove your jewellery if there is the slightest chance it could come into contact with oils or chemicals.
  • Undo chains & bracelets rather than pulling them over as this will cause stretching.
  • Have your stone set jewellery professionally checked every 6 months for claw wear.

Have your jewellery professionally cleaned & checked every 12 months.

Can I clean my own jewellery?

Yes, in fact we encourage this in between visits to Irvines to have your jewellery professionally cleaned and checked.

We provide specialised cleaning products and advice on how to clean your jewellery effectively.

The cleaner you keep your jewellery the better it looks & the longer it will last. When dirt matter is allowed to build up under settings for example, diamonds & gem stones become dull and problems with loose stones can develop. Often, this is discovered too late once the stone has fallen out.

Dirt matter can be very abrasive on your jewellery so regular cleaning & checking at Irvines is recommended.

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Jewellery Cleaning Products

We provide a range of Jewellery Cleaning Products from Revitalizing and Jewellery cleaning cloths from Connoisseurs for you to be able to successfully clean your jewellery at home in between your 6 monthly and 12 monthly Jewellery checkups.

You'll be amazed at how great your jewellery will look and how long it will last. We can show you in store how you can use these cleaning products. Remember; as with all cleaning products, it is important to follow the instructions.

Cleaning Products
Cleaning Products

Our Professional Jewellery Care

We provide a cost effective Professional Jewellery Care service including cleaning, polishing, checking and repairs. Prices start from $8 per item.

It is our recommendation to have your jewellery checked every 6 months for wear and tear; and cleaned, polished and checked every 12 months.

We utilise special polishing and ultrasonic equipment and finish with a hand polish to give your jewellery an "as new look". We also provide re-rhodium plating for white gold pieces and settings.

At the same time we conduct a visual inspection and advise you of the condition of your jewellery.

We offer a professional jewellery repair service should the need arise.

Please bring you jewellery into our store and we can discuss various options with you.

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