Anniversary Jewellery

anniversary jewellery

Husband, Wife, Friend

Tradition has developed a list of types of anniversary gifts for most of the important years of one's life.

Listed to the right are the generally accepted traditional gifts for each anniversary.

At Irvines Jewellers we have an extensive range of jewellery and gifts to celebrate these very special occasions.

  • 1-5 years newlyweds
  • 6-25 truly devoted
  • 26-50 golden years
  • 51-75 years soul mates
  • 76-100 together forever.
anniversary gifts

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

1st. Eternity Ring or Gold
2nd Cotton, China or Garnet
3rd Leather, Crystal or Pearl
4th. Linen, Silk or Blue Topaz
5th. Wood, Silverware or Sapphire
6th. Iron, Wood or Amethyst
7th. Wool, Copper or Onyx
8th. Bronze or Tourmaline
9th. Pottery, China or Lapis
10th. Tin, Aluminium or Diamond
20th. China or Platinum
25th. Pearl or Diamond
30th. Silver
40th. Ruby
45th. Sapphire
50th. Gold
55th. Emerald or Alexandrite
60th. Diamond

Gemstone of the Month

There is something very special about a jewellery piece that has your personal birthstone.

Irvines' have a great range of gold and silver jewellery in earrings, pendants, rings, chains and bracelets set with beautiful birthstones.

After you've found your birthstone here, visit our store were we can show you the brilliance of your birthstone in your preferred jewellery piece.

Birthstone January Garnet jewellery

January - Garnet

"Stone of Health"
Symbolises consistency, perseverance and good health. Garnets were once exchanged between friends to symbolize their affection.
Birthstone February Amethyst jewellery

February - Amethyst

"Stone of stability, strength and peace"
Symbolises sincerity, security and peace of mind. Amethyst is used to calm the mind and is ideal for meditation.
Birthstone March Aquamarine jewellery

March - Aquamarine

"Derives its name from sea water."
Derives its name from sea water Symbolises courage, beauty, honesty and loyalty. Aquamarine possesses the calming effect of the sea, and promotes clarity of the mind.
Birthstone April Diamond jewellery

April - Diamond

Traditional symbol of love. Diamonds stimulate unity and love of self and others.
Birthstone May Emerald jewellery

May - Emerald

"Gem of eternal spring"
Symbolises happiness, love and success. Emerald strengthens memory and brings harmony to all areas of ones life.
Birthstone June Pearl jewellery

June - Pearl

"Gem of the moon"
Symbolises health, wealth and longevity. Pearls alleviates emotional imbalances.
Birthstone July Ruby jewellery

July - Ruby

"The lord of gems"
Symbolises passion, freedom and contentment. Ruby preserves the body and improves general health.
Birthstone August Peridot jewellery

August - Peridot

"The evening emerald"
Symbolises friendship and married happiness. Peridot is used to heal and protect.
Birthstone September Sapphire jewellery

September - Sapphire

"Gem of heavens"
Symbolises clear thinking, sincerity and faithfulness. Sapphire opens the mind to beauty and intuition.
Birthstone October Opal jewellery

October - Opal

"The treasured gemstone"
Symbolises hope. Opal provides faith in oneself.
Birthstone November Citrine jewellery

November - Citrine

"God of the sun"
Symbolises fidelity. Citrine promotes creativity and helps personal clarity.
Birthstone December Blue Topaz jewellery

December - Blue Topaz

"To shine"
Symbolises prosperity. Blue Topaz was once worn as an amulet to protect against harm.